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Waste Solutions

All Purpose Grab Bags for General Waste

Grab bag hire thorughout Kent, Surrey and London

The ultimate solution for small waste management needs. A grab bag is a convenient, flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional skip hire. It’s a durable bag that can be conveniently placed on-site, ready to be filled with various types of waste when needed.

Order as few or as many as you like. Each bag holds up to 1 tonne. Bags are delivered to your door and collected as agreed. Ethical and responsible disposal of waste is then handled by us.

Same-Day Deliveries

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Perfect for Small Loads

Once you’ve filled the grab bag, simply schedule a collection. Our team will efficiently pick up the bag and ensure its contents are responsibly managed. This eliminates the need for permits or space-consuming skip placement. Making it an ideal choice for locations with limited access or parking allowed.

Just like our other waste management services grab bags follow environmentally responsible practices. We sort and dispose of waste materials properly ensuring that your waste is handled only by us.

Ideal for all small waste sizes

Our clients love the ease of use and convenience of grab bags.

Household Waste

Grab bags are ideal for disposing of everyday household waste, including packaging, old furniture and non-recyclable items. Their size makes them a practical solution for homeowners and landlords looking to remove unwanted rubbish quickly and cheaply.

Garden Debris

Whether it’s grass clippings, leaves, branches or other garden waste, grab bags can easily accommodate green waste from garden maintenance. We help keep your outdoor spaces clean and well-maintained at all times

Construction Debris

Many of our clients use this solution on construction sites to collect and remove construction waste – includes bricks, concrete, tiles, rubble etc. The versatility and easy storage of the grab bag ensures a timely disposal of materials generated during building and renovation projects.

Renovation Waste

For smaller-scale renovation projects in homes or offices a grab bag offers a convenient way to manage waste easily as you can keep one stored if you know there will be waste in the future.

Bulkier Items

Grab bags can handle larger and bulkier items that might not fit into standard waste bins. Items that won’t be collected by the local council can be disposed of using our grab bags.

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Heavy Load Specialists

We specialise in large and extra large loads. Whatever your size requirements, we have a solution for you.

We Recycle When Possible

All waste collected by us is disposed of by us, meaning we recycle as much waste as is possible.

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Frequently asked questions

Some of the most common questions about our services. We are located in Kent and operate throughout the local areas, including, London, Surrey and Sussex.

All staff are fully trained and insured through DAS, all have been background checked and will carry ID and be wearing uniform, they will take away your rubbish or waste from any area in your property or land.

You can leave the waste in any area that is accessible by our team.

Us, the team of experienced waste collector agents will load all waste and objects you wish to be removed. If there is a large gap from entry to your waste and the vehicle, due to parking restrictions etc. Then an extra charge may be levied for extra labour.

We will confirm all sizes at the start and the finish of a project. If the waste is less than expected then a reduction will be made, likewise if the waste is a larger size the charge will also be adjusted.

To cover the extra charges/fees levied by waste disposal depots, the following items carry an additional charge:

  • Domestic Fridge/ Freezer (double, tall type), £110 plus Vat. (£120 inc). 
  • Domestic Fridge/ Freezer (single, short type), £70 plus Vat. (£84 inc). 
  • Mattresses (single), £40 plus vat (£48 inc). 
  • Mattresses (double and over), £60 plus Vat (£72 inc). 
  • Fire Extinguishers, £50 plus vat (£60 inc). 
  • Gas Bottles, £30 plus vat (£36 inc). 
  • Car rim off tyre, £15 plus Vat (£18 inc). 
  • Car rim with tyre on, £30 plus Vat (£36 inc). 
  • TV or PC Monitor, £25 plus vat (£30 inc).