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Our skips come in a variety of sizes, perfect for each and every purpose and scenario. Some local authorities require permits for skips outside your property for an extended period of time, we are experts in this and can assist throughout, still choosing the right size and time for skip delivery can sometimes be crucial. Talk to the team about your unique needs and requirements today. Our experience and local contacts put us in an exceptional position to offer advice and guidance.

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Skips are delivered directly to your location, which makes your waste disposal a hassle-free process. The convenience of having a skip on-site allows you to dispose of waste as you go, no need to remove until you are fully ready. Your skip can be used for a wide range of purposes, including (but not limited to) home renovations, garden clearances, office relocations and construction projects. 

Our common skip sizes include mini skips, midi skips, builders’ skips, and maxi skips. We class each of these under how much waste you need, making it easy for you to understand. From household waste to construction debris – there’s a skip size suitable for every project.

Sustainable Practices 

We are committed to sustainable waste management. Our trained operatives will sort the collected waste for recycling and proper disposal. We are extremely eco-conscious and ensure your waste is handled only by us, no middlemen. The team will also provide guidelines on how to load the skip safely, if you opt to do it yourself, ensuring that heavy items are placed at the bottom and that the skip is not overfilled and to prevent accidents during transportation.

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Uses for our Skips

Home Renovations

When undertaking home renovations, refurbishments or construction projects a significant amount of waste is generated. Our skips can be used to collect and transport materials from such projects. Generally these works generate waste like old furniture and rubble that needs to be disposed of responsibly.

Garden and Landscaping

A skip is the perfect solution for garden waste. With our skips you can dispose of soil, branches, leaves, debris and other unwanted waste.

Moving House

When moving you may discover that you have items that you wish to part with. You might want to dispose of items you no longer need or are a safety hazard. A skip can hold items that won’t be moving with you, we can then collect it at a time that is convenient for you.

Commercial Waste

We commonly hire skips to construction and work sites, these businesses use our skips to manage waste generated during their works, whether it’s construction sites, office renovations or retail renovations.

Demolition Projects

For larger-scale demolition projects, skips are crucial for removing large amounts of debris and waste materials safely and efficiently.


By using our services you can ensure that recyclable materials are separated and processed appropriately.

Bespoke sizing depending on your project

Selecting the appropriate skip size is crucial for efficient waste disposal during your project. 

2-Yard Skip: For small projects and minor refurbishments where your waste needs aren’t excessive, yet you require the removal of some heavier or bulkier items.

4-Yard Skip: The 4-yard skip is an excellent choice for smaller projects such as kitchen and bathroom renovations as well as garden clearances. It’s perfectly suited for projects where you’re tackling one room at a time. Its capacity is also ideal for disposing of redundant fittings and other waste materials.

6-Yard Skip: Perhaps you are simultaneously renovating both a kitchen and a bathroom and need more room? The 6-yard skip offers the necessary capacity. It accommodates the rubble generated during comprehensive renovations – ensuring an adequate size for your needs.

8-Yard Skip: The Builders favourite, workers often opt for the 8-yard skip when seeking swift disposal of rubble. This size is suitable for projects that require efficient waste removal to maintain a productive work environment such as residential sites and streets.

12-Yard Skip: With the capacity to hold a substantial volume of waste, the 12-yard skip is well-suited for comprehensive waste clearance needs. It’s an ideal choice for tasks like clearing properties with significant accumulated items.

14-Yard Skip: Larger-scale commercial projects, including shop rebuilding and fitting-outs, may demand the use of a 14-yard skip. This size accommodates the waste generated during substantial renovation or construction endeavors.

16-Yard Skip: The 16-yard skip boasts substantial capacity and is commonly employed for extensive tasks like demolishing entire buildings. Its sizable dimensions make it suitable for handling large volumes of waste resulting from substantial construction or deconstruction projects.

If you’re uncertain about the ideal skip size for your project, feel free to get in touch with the team. We’re here to help.

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All waste collected by us is disposed of by us, meaning we recycle as much waste as is possible.

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Frequently asked questions

Some of the most common questions about our services. We are located in Kent and operate throughout the local areas, including, London, Surrey and Sussex.

All staff are fully trained and insured through DAS, all have been background checked and will carry ID and be wearing uniform, they will take away your rubbish or waste from any area in your property or land.

You can leave the waste in any area that is accessible by our team.

Us, the team of experienced waste collector agents will load all waste and objects you wish to be removed. If there is a large gap from entry to your waste and the vehicle, due to parking restrictions etc. Then an extra charge may be levied for extra labour.

We will confirm all sizes at the start and the finish of a project. If the waste is less than expected then a reduction will be made, likewise if the waste is a larger size the charge will also be adjusted.

To cover the extra charges/fees levied by waste disposal depots, the following items carry an additional charge:

  • Domestic Fridge/ Freezer (double, tall type), £110 plus Vat. (£120 inc). 
  • Domestic Fridge/ Freezer (single, short type), £70 plus Vat. (£84 inc). 
  • Mattresses (single), £40 plus vat (£48 inc). 
  • Mattresses (double and over), £60 plus Vat (£72 inc). 
  • Fire Extinguishers, £50 plus vat (£60 inc). 
  • Gas Bottles, £30 plus vat (£36 inc). 
  • Car rim off tyre, £15 plus Vat (£18 inc). 
  • Car rim with tyre on, £30 plus Vat (£36 inc). 
  • TV or PC Monitor, £25 plus vat (£30 inc).