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If you’re looking for a waste management solution in Surrey, We Waste Ltd is at your service. We’re dedicated to offering a range of residential and commercial skip hire services across the county. As one of the leading waste and recycling service providers in the South-East we prioritise excellent customer service and environmental responsibility. Delivering a first-class service at an affordable price.

Skip Hire Services: We provide convenient and versatile skip hire throughout Surrey, including Reigate and Purley, catering to various waste volumes and both residential and commercial clients. Choose from a range of skip sizes to suit your projects requirements and needs.

Commercial Waste Collection: Our comprehensive commercial waste collection service ensures timely and efficient removal of waste generated by businesses. We tailor our services to match the unique waste management needs of different industries.

Waste Recycling Solutions: We’re committed to environmental causes. Our waste recycling solutions focus on segregating and recycling materials to lessen the impact on landfills, contributing to a brighter future for everyone.

Recycle Bin Rental Services: Our rental services offer a straightforward way to manage waste on construction sites, during renovations or for other projects. Choose the appropriate size for your specific waste disposal needs.

Waste Disposal Consultation: Our experts are available to provide waste disposal consultations. Helping you make informed decisions about the most suitable waste management solutions for your business. We guide you through the process to ensure compliance with local authorities and councils.

Working with Businesses Across Surrey

We work with businesses like yours, across the county, our professionals only a hop-skip and a jump from all areas throughout Surrey.

Retail Businesses

Retail spaces thrive on a welcoming atmosphere. Our waste removal services ensure that your shop, cafe or restaurant remains clean and appealing to customers. By efficiently managing waste, including packaging materials and discarded products, we help maintain an environment that enhances the shopping experience for all those that enter your premises. We schedule all appointments and drop offs around your schedule and can ensure prompt deliver of skips, man with van and all other services. Our scheduled waste collection services alleviate the burden of waste management. You can rely on us to pick up waste at designated times, giving you more time to focus on inventory, customer service and business growth.

We are at the forefront of eco-friendly practices. Our waste removal includes recycling initiatives, allowing you to showcase your commitment to the environment. By partnering with us, you not only maintain a clean business but also contribute to a greener community.


A cluttered construction site is a safety hazard and impedes productivity. Our waste removal services offer skip hire and efficient debris removal, delivered in a prompt and reliable manner – ensuring a safe and compliant environment. 

Our services streamline waste disposal, allowing you to focus on construction tasks and the operation of your business. By avoiding unnecessary downtime and potential fines, you save both time and money. Our dedicated team available throughout Surrey give business-owners the peace of mind to know that this area is well and truly covered.

Construction waste disposal regulations can be complex. Our experts are well-versed in local regulations, ensuring that your waste management practices are compliant. Partnering with us means the risk of legal issues is significantly reduced and ensures a smooth construction site.

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