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Roll-on, Roll-off, Wait and Load

Time Constrained Waste Collection Services Throughout South-East England

Unlike traditional skip hire services where a skip is placed on-site for a specific period, the wait and load service involves the vehicle waiting at your location while we load your waste onto it. Once the waste is loaded, the vehicle promptly departs to dispose of the waste at our trusted facility provider.

This service is particularly useful when you have waste that needs to be removed quickly, efficiently and without the need for a skip to remain on-site for an extended period. It’s also ideal for situations where permits for placing skips might be challenging to obtain or where space is limited. Our wait and load service means that your business or home faces less disruption and all waste can be efficiently removed by our experienced team, no matter the external circumstances.

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Limited Parking Space

In residential areas or locations with limited parking space, obtaining permits for placing a skip can be challenging. When you have tried and failed through this avenue, a wait-and-load can be the only option available to you.

A wait-and-load service is ideal in such situations as it eliminates the need for a skip. Allowing for swift waste removal without permit-related complications.

Quick Turnaround Needed 

When you require immediate waste removal without waiting for a skip to be delivered or collected later use our wait-and-load service. This scenario often arises during renovations, clear-outs or time-sensitive projects.

Regulation Restrictions

Some areas have regulations or homeowner association rules that limit the placement of skips on private properties or in certain public spaces. The wait-and-load service is a practical solution that adheres to these restrictions..

Circumventing Local Authority Skip Permit Rules

Our waste management process is built on collaboration and precision. When you engage our services we initiate a series of steps to ensure a comprehensive waste management plan. We start by conducting an in-depth consultation with you to understand your specific waste disposal needs. This involves assessing the type and volume of waste as well as any regulatory considerations that may apply. Based on this information we will formulate a detailed waste management strategy – outlining the most suitable solutions, whether it’s skip hire, man with van removals or other services.

We work closely with you to determine optimal scheduling for waste collection or removal ensuring minimal disruption to your operations or daily life. Our collaborative approach guarantees that your waste management plan and schedule is tailored to your requirements.

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Connecting with our dedicated team is simple and convenient. We offer multiple channels of communication to ensure that reaching out is simple and straight-forward.

Whether you have questions about our services, want to discuss a waste management plan or need assistance with booking a skip or man with van collection, we’re here to help.

You can easily contact us through our website’s contact form, where you can provide details about your enquiry. Additionally, you can reach us via phone to speak directly with one of our knowledgeable team members. For those who prefer written communication, our email address is at your disposal. No matter which method you choose our responsive team will provide a prompt and informative reply to address your waste management needs.

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We specialise in large and extra large loads. Whatever your size requirements, we have a solution for you.

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All waste collected by us is disposed of by us, meaning we recycle as much waste as is possible.

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Frequently asked questions

Some of the most common questions about our services. We are located in Kent and operate throughout the local areas, including, London, Surrey and Sussex.

All staff are fully trained and insured through DAS, all have been background checked and will carry ID and be wearing uniform, they will take away your rubbish or waste from any area in your property or land.

You can leave the waste in any area that is accessible by our team.

Us, the team of experienced waste collector agents will load all waste and objects you wish to be removed. If there is a large gap from entry to your waste and the vehicle, due to parking restrictions etc. Then an extra charge may be levied for extra labour.

We will confirm all sizes at the start and the finish of a project. If the waste is less than expected then a reduction will be made, likewise if the waste is a larger size the charge will also be adjusted.

To cover the extra charges/fees levied by waste disposal depots, the following items carry an additional charge:

  • Domestic Fridge/ Freezer (double, tall type), £110 plus Vat. (£120 inc). 
  • Domestic Fridge/ Freezer (single, short type), £70 plus Vat. (£84 inc). 
  • Mattresses (single), £40 plus vat (£48 inc). 
  • Mattresses (double and over), £60 plus Vat (£72 inc). 
  • Fire Extinguishers, £50 plus vat (£60 inc). 
  • Gas Bottles, £30 plus vat (£36 inc). 
  • Car rim off tyre, £15 plus Vat (£18 inc). 
  • Car rim with tyre on, £30 plus Vat (£36 inc). 
  • TV or PC Monitor, £25 plus vat (£30 inc).